Designed to create the latest color effect and obtain the maximum versatility with Bleaching Powder DreamOn.

It contains Hydrogene Peroxide avoid contact with eyes, shall it occurr rinse immediately with abundant water, use special gloves. Follow all the instructions for use carefully.
This creamy emulsion serves as an oxidant stabilizer that mixes perfectly with creme haircolor or bleachers.

Guaranteeing coverage while also promoting contrast, brilliance and shine.

DreamOn Oxidants are available in 10, 20, 30, 40 volume and can be mixed inter-changeably to satisfy the needs of the professional.

Vol. /  Hydrogene Peroxide %

10 vol. = 3%
20 vol. = 6%
30 vol. = 9%
40 vol. = 12%

Size/ 1000 ml. Fragrance/ Absent

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