Bleaching Powder

DreamOn dust-free bleaching powder is ideal for fast strong bleaching up 6/7 tones.
Its special high quality formula protect hair and permit to obtain the best result for any bleaching technical application.

It is suitable for total, medium and light bleaching on natural, colored hair and highlights. The special blue pigments, contained in the finely atomized powders and acting as optical whiteners, perform an efficacious anti—yellow action. Respects damaged hair.
The creamy mixing does not drip nor dry during application and processing time. It is easy to mix and use. It guarantees the best result thanks to its lighting power, that lifts gradually. It is recommended to use with DremOn Oxidants available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes.

DreamOn Bleaching Powder is available in three types.
Bleaching powder White: White pigment type suitable for hair bleaching up 6/7 tones  with yellow/orange shades.
Bleaching powder Blue: Blue pigment type suitable for hair bleaching up 6/7 tones without yellow/orange shades.
Bleaching powder Polychrome: Polychrome pigment type suitable for hair bleaching and colouring reddish shades in one-step.

Bleaching Powder White/Blue (50ml. Bleaching Powder + 50/150 ml. Oxidant)

Low/Medium 6/7 20/30 minutes 10/20 vol.
Strong 6/7 20/30 minutes 30 vol.

Bleaching Powder Polychrome (50ml. Bleaching Powder + 50/150 ml. Oxidant)

Copper Shade 15/20 minutes 10/20 vol.
Mahogany Shade 15/20 minutes 20/30 vol.
Flame Red           15/20 minutes 40 vol.

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